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CGA - Vision
To build the premier corporate governance services and ratings company, creating and entrenching its market and brand dominance as the leader in its field, respected as such by business, labour and government.

CGA - Mission
To contribute meaningfully towards an ethical, values based governance milieu that adheres to the principles of international best practice , as outlined by King III, and thereby to help create a business environment attractive to investors and fair to all stakeholders, in the interests of fostering a sustainable business environment.

Formed in 2001 Corporate Governance Accreditation (Pty) Ltd (CGA) out of a need to provide governance benchmarks to the investment community, CGA recently celebrated a decade of being a leading, pioneering and innovative service provider in the field of governance in South Africa and abroad. The combined experience of the members of CGA represent in excess of 50 years of specialisation in the field of governance both in SA and internationally (see Our People).

During this time we achieved a number of significant milestones, namely:

  • Participation in FSB's Working Group for the development of the governance guidelines for the pension funds - what became PF 130

  • First to develop and market a governance management implementation tool that is verifiable and measurable

  • First SA certification of JSE listed companies using governance tool

  • Establishment of the first governance benchmark on an exchange

CGA’s services have broadened considerably from just certification services to include:

  • Board, Committee and Director evaluation services

  • Asset Managers: CRISA, engagement and ESG policy advice and guidance

  • Asset Owners: Fiduciary and compliance services based around Reg 28, PF 130 mandate and related advisory services

  • Companies: King III, SRI, PIC as well as multi-jurisdictional and related advisory services

  • State Owned Enterprises and government: Bespoke specialised advisory and implementation services


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